Community College: Overcoming the Odds

Mamacita says:  The community college is one of the best things that ever happened to higher education.  Go ahead – turn up your nose and be all snobby about it – but it’s true and you know it. So many … Continue reading

Some End-of Semester Thoughts

Mamacita says:  I teach in a community college, and I have found that my hardest-working students are, for the most part, the older ones, the ones who have been out of school for many years, the ones who have been … Continue reading

Meme: Worst Job EVER

John, over at Learn Me Good, has tagged me for a meme.  This makes me happy, actually, because unlike a lot of people, I LIKE memes.  Well, most of them!  This particular meme:  What was your WORST  JOB  EVER? I … Continue reading