April Fool!

Mamacita says: Yesterday’s post was really clever, wasn’t it.  It was funny and well-written and, well, juuuuust right.  The more I go back and re-read that post, the more I like it.  It just couldn’t be improved upon, it was … Continue reading

Carnival of Education, #201

Welcome to the 201st Edition of the Carnival of Education! December has come to represent a plethora of holidays, and each one has lovely things to offer us all. Picture December as a huge pile of glowing, glittering, good-smelling gifts. … Continue reading

Sleepy Town and Shamey Town

Mamacita says:  The new Carnival of Education is up, hosted by Mister Teacher over at Learn Me Good. I would hope that by now y’all know all about this guy! Next week, the Carnival is hosted right here at Scheiss … Continue reading

Mister Teacher: Learn Me Good!

Mamacita says:  It’s time for some major teacher-friend pimpage here on Scheiss Weekly! There are many ‘teacher blogs’ in my blogroll, and one of the best is Mister Teacher’s Learn Me Good. “No, Johnny, 50 is NOT a good score.” … Continue reading

Meme: Worst Job EVER

John, over at Learn Me Good, has tagged me for a meme.  This makes me happy, actually, because unlike a lot of people, I LIKE memes.  Well, most of them!  This particular meme:  What was your WORST  JOB  EVER? I … Continue reading