Why Does Martin Luther King, Jr, Merit A Holiday?

Mamacita says:  Why is Martin Luther King Day a holiday in most communities?  Why does Martin Luther King, Jr. merit a holiday? This day is a holiday because intelligent, sensitive, educated people understand that today deserves respect because a man … Continue reading

Banned Books Week: September 30 – October 6, 2012

I posted this a month or so ago in anticipation of Banned Books Week, and now that Banned Books Week is officially here, well, here’s that post again.  We can’t speak up against censorship enough.  As long as we put … Continue reading

Happy Easter, 2012

Mamacita says: Happy Easter, everyone. What? Oh, oops. . . . . Here. This is more like it. I do love those vintage Easter postcards. I hated growing up and finding out that those baby kittens were probably going to … Continue reading

"Wah, Wah, Wah. Here, Drink the Tears of Fame. Bottoms Up."

Mamacita says: Kathy Griffin and Mr. Sulu? Together? Well, you KNOW it’s going to be awesome! I find these people to be dismally repulsive; I wouldn’t watch their lives on a bet. These negative feelings towards them do not, however, … Continue reading