Super Easy Homemade Bread

Mamacita says:  So, y’all want to learn how to bake homemade bread?  You’ve come to the right place.  Wash your hands.  We’re going to bake enough bread for you to have some, freeze some, and give some away. Now, get … Continue reading

The Education Buzz

Mamacita says:  Welcome to the Education Buzz, where parents and instructors and good citizens find out what’s really going on in the world of education by actively participating in the sharing of ideas, information, and suggestions. Remember, if you don’t … Continue reading

The Education Buzz

Welcome to the November 24th edition of the Education Buzz! Every two weeks, the Buzz will bring you a list of education-themed links to help you keep current; after all, how can we form viable opinions about the state of … Continue reading

Less Ignorant Daily, and the Education Buzz

Mamacita says:  The latest Education Buzz (formerly Carnival of Education) is now up over at Bellringers, and if you are a parent, student, doctor, lawyer, construction worker, fireman, or any of the other Village People or citizens of the planet, … Continue reading

Grillface, Sun Blisters, and Barbecue Sauce

Mamacita says:  The new Carnival of Education is up over at Steve Spangler’s Blog.  While you’re there, check out his post about color-changing solar beads.  If your child has a hard time remembering to reapply sunscreen, why don’t you make … Continue reading

An Example of What Excellent Parenting Really Is

Mamacita says:  I know it’s not a brand-new article, but when I  read Mrs. Bluebird’s post of May 26,  I wished she had submitted it to the Carnival of Education yesterday; however, to be quite honest, I think it deserves … Continue reading