Hypocrisy, Anyone?

Mamacita says: Hypocrisy, anyone? It seems to me very odd for someone who professes to be a Christian – or any kind of religion based on love – to continue to support someone whose very being and substance is based on the exact opposite of everything you’re supposed to stand for. No universal love. No fidelity. No honesty. No commitment. No ethics. No morals. No trustworthiness. No truth. No caring. No helping. No literacy. No comprehension skills. No schema. No warmth. No tact. No kindness. No honor. No sense of humor.* It seems so very odd to me, in fact, that I have a very hard time believing in the sincerity of people who still love and support him, that they are actually what they still claim to be. To continue to love and support him while claiming to be Christian, or any kind of love-based belief system, smacks pretty hard of hypocrisy. I’ll go a step further, so unfriend me if you have nothing to support your continuing to back him, and say that if you still support this man while still claiming to follow Jesus (or Buddha or Allah or whoever you worship) I don’t believe one word that comes out of your mouth about how you’re a sincerely religious person who strives to do the right thing. Because your words and actions prove that you are not. *If you don’t think the Deity has a sense of humor, you haven’t looked in the mirror lately.


Hypocrisy, Anyone? — 1 Comment

  1. I’ve always tried to find positives in everyone, but I haven’t been able to come up with a single one in our so-called “president.” He is vile in every aspect.

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