Good Ol’ White People

Mamacita says: Back in college, in a world history class, the professor told us that in his experience, good ol’ undereducated white people fear the educated minority for many┬áreasons, one of which is that “. . . if this person of color, who is supposed to be inferior to me, has made himself superior by way of education, then that makes me the inferior, and since I am white, this cannot happen. I am white; therefore, I MUST BE THE SUPERIOR, so I must do whatever it takes to bring down the people of color who dare surpass me. I, myself, don’t want to exert any effort to come up to that level of education and accomplishment, so I must drag these men down to my own level, and lower. I am white, so I must be the superior species at any cost.” I once had a dreadful young man in class who came each day in t-shirts with the Confederate flag and cigarette ads, and covered with magic marker “tattoos” of swastikas and KKK figures. We were discussing goals, and when I asked him what some of his goals were, he said, “I was born white. I don’t have to do anything else if I don’t feel like it.” I asked him, “Where do you think you’ll be in ten years, then?” A cluster of students, in perfect unison, said “Hell.” While I couldn’t condone the saying, I have to agree. He marched out of the room and down to the principal, who told me I was persecuting him. Good ol’ boys sure stick together.

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