The Education Buzz

Mamacita says:  Welcome to the Education Buzz, where parents and instructors and good citizens find out what’s really going on in the world of education by actively participating in the sharing of ideas, information, and suggestions. Remember, if you don’t … Continue reading

Audio-Visual was Cutting Edge, and the Projectionists Ran the School. And NASA.

Mamacita says:  Remember the expression “audio-visual?”  Remember the group of kids whose free period each day was given over to the library, and specifically to run the projectors?  16mm movies?  Reel-to-reel sound recordings?  Filmstrip projectors?  (BEEP.  Advance.  BEEP.  Advance. . … Continue reading

The Blog Is Dead! Long Live the Blog!

Mamacita says:  Blogging is dead?  Says who?  Blogging may have changed, but bloggers still rule the internet.  Bloggers are helping people form viable opinions, giving people first-hand information, helping people make purchasing decisions based on word-of-mouth and actual “regular people” … Continue reading

I Am Forever Out Of Season

Mamacita says:  We don’t use our front door much unless we have houseguests, and then mainly because we don’t want anybody to risk tripping over something as they follow the tiny path of nonclutter through the garage to the outer … Continue reading

Every Day Is Grammar Day

Mamacita says: Every day is grammar day for people who know how to use their own language correctly.  This, of course, should be everyone who lives in any given country, and it is, for most countries. Except ours. The sad … Continue reading