"I Base Most Of My Fashion Sense on What Doesn't Itch"

Mamacita says:  I’d like to tell you that my fashion sense has improved since I wrote this post so long ago, but even though I’ve awoken somewhat to what people are wearing these days, I’m still a flat-out C minus … Continue reading

Yes, I Fear I've Definitely Said Too Much

Mamacita says:  Several years ago, we cleaned out the garage because it was so full of  “stuff,” we couldn’t even park a car in there. For a while, all was well. When the weather got cold, I parked the car … Continue reading

Center of the Universe, You Say? I Think Not.

Mamacita says:  All my life I have loathed the expression, “Act your age.” Even as a child I wondered how a person could ‘act’ an age; the best I could ever do was to ‘be’ an age. “Act” always connoted … Continue reading

There Are All Kinds of Enslavement

Mamacita says:  I posted this in 2006, but I’ve been thinking about this same thing all day so here it is again. My blog, my rules. Here’s the post: Is anyone else out there lucky enough to have a job … Continue reading

Elevator Etiquette 101

Mamacita says:  These are, of course, Things Nice People Already Know. Basic Elevator Etiquette for Dummies: 1. Push the appropriate button. If the button is already glowing, do not push it. If you repeatedly push an already-glowing button, everybody will … Continue reading

Love Stays

Mamacita says:  Happy Valentine’s Day. Not because it’s a man-made holiday that exploits the guilt feelings of both men and women and forces them to go forth (or fifth) and spend a lot of money on flowers that will die … Continue reading