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Mamacita says:  It’s time to nominate our favorite teacher/education blogs for The 2009 Edublog Awards There are many dedicated educators in the blogosphere, regularly sharing with us their opinions, experiences, suggestions,  joys, and frustrations.  Please go to The EduBlog Awards blog and nominate your favorites.

Here are my nominations for 2009:

Best Individual Blog:  I think Mr. Teacher of Learn Me Good deserves this one.  “I teach; therefore, I am. . . poor.”

Best Teacher Blog: Pissed Off Teacher sums it up thusly and correctly:  “Never underestimate the power of an extremely pissed off woman.”

Best educational use of video/visual:  No question whatsoever for this one.  Steve Spangler’s blog is the best of its kind in the blogosphere. There are dozens and dozens of fantastic videos and pictures on this blog!

By that same token, Steve Spangler’s blog is also the Best Resource Sharing Blog.  It’s also my choice for Best Educational Use of a Virtual World.  “It’s probably not a wise idea to soak a $20 bill in a flammable liquid and set it on fire, but that’s what you’ll have to do. . . .”

Lifetime Achievement:  In my humble opinion, that would be Ms. Cornelius of A Shrewdness of Apes.  “Show me a school that isn’t filled with a shrewdness of apes.  I dare you. ”

Best educational use of a social networking service:  Once again, Steve Spangler’s blog just blows all the others out of the water when it comes to social networking.  The man is everywhere: Twitter, LinkedIn, MySpace, Facebook, YouTube, TeacherTube, Channel9. . . . There just no escape! This is why he’s also my nominee for Best Individual Tweeter.

Most Influential Blog Post: This can be no one but Mrs. Chili of A Teacher’s Education.  I could base my opinion on this one statement of hers:  “I’m telling you – despite all the bitching that I do (and believe me, I’ve got just cause. . .) I really DO have some fantastic kids that make getting up in the morning SO worth it.”

Best Librarian/Library Blog:  The fantastic GuusjeM, whose blog Of Life, Education, E-bay, Travel & Books, tells it like it is in education from the point of view of an involved, enthusiastic librarian.  “Having wrung all the joy from reading the wretched TAKS test is now doing the same for writing.”

Now, why don’t you all click on over the The Edublog Awards page and do some nominating, yourselves?


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