August Perfect Post Award: Genuine

The Original Perfect Post Awards 08.08 My Perfect Post Award for August 2008 goes to Jim Turner, who blogs as “Genuine,”  for his post entitled “A Man Becomes A Boy To Help A Boy Become A Man.”

Jim has a knack for touching his readers’ hearts, and this post really wrapped around mine and held on tight.

Thank you, Jim, for sharing your thoughts with us all.

Kudos to the founders of the Perfect Post Awards, too!  That would be, naturally, Kimberly of Petroville, and Lindsay of Suburban Turmoil. I’ve met both of these ladies at BlogHer, and despite the fact that they are both drop dead gorgeous, I loved them, and felt no desire whatsoever to use my fingernails on those perfect complexions.  Besides being all purty and stuff, they’re also tons of fun and really, really nice. Kimberly and Monty and Fausta and I “did” Chinatown and it was a blast. There are pictures. Of Chinatown, that is, not of Monty and me sleeping together.

Oops, was that a secret?

I LOVE these people.

Thank you, ladies, for giving us all an opportunity to share our favorites with the Blogosphere.  I’ve discovered several gems on Perfect Post Day, and I wonder how I ever managed without them!

Now, everybody click over to Petroville or Suburban Turmoil or better still, BOTH, and check out all the Perfect Post Awards.  After you click on Genuine, that is.

Because, you know, ME FIRST!

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