For Better or For Worse

For over thirty years, Lynn Johnston has been drawing and writing,  but when she began her strip “For Better or For Worse,” she had begun something nobody had ever done before.  Some cartoonists are “mostly” artists, but Lynn’s saga of … Continue reading

Quotation Saturday

What a week!  Classes began, and with no textbooks in sight.  Already I’ve had a phone call from a student who “forgot to set her alarm and didn’t wake up until ten thirty.”  She figured that since it was the … Continue reading

Palin as VP? All I Can Say Is, "Beautiful Plumage!"

The Google Alert from the NY Times said, simply, “McCain Chooses Palin as VP.” I am not a political blogger in anyone’s opinion, including my own, but I was thrilled to see that Palin had been chosen. THRILLED, I’m telling … Continue reading

Ten Things Tuesday

Anne Shirley, she of Green Gables fame, used to say that if you could sit in silence with someone for a long period of time and feel comfortable, the two of you were true friends and would be forever. I … Continue reading

Things I Haven't Done Yet

There are many things I haven’t done yet: some, because I have no desire to do them and never will; others, because I just haven’t got around to it yet. Here is my first Monday: Things I Haven’t Done Yet … Continue reading