Inauguration Trivia from Mamacita

Mamacita says:  Presidential inaugurations are of great historical importance, but, as with everything of importance, there is an abundance of “trivia” (that isn’t really trivial at all – more like “fascinating!”) that many people do not know.  For example: 1. After … Continue reading

Things I Haven't Done Yet

                                       Mamacita says: !.  I just realized that the silk mistletoe “kissing ball” is still hanging from the archway between the dining and living rooms.  I need to take that down and pack it away for next year.  2.  The … Continue reading

Quotation Saturday

Mamacita says:  Here are some great quotes, all from some great women! 1.  Look at your feet. You are standing in the sky. When we think of the sky, we tend to look up, but the sky actually begins at … Continue reading

I Have No Self-Control: Meet Hal

Mamacita says:  I am writing this on my new Gateway laptop.  Thank you, oh Credit Card Gods, that there was enough room on you for this purchase! My old desktop computer is still in Safe Mode, which is actually good … Continue reading

Oh No She Dinnit: I Hate Bruester's Ice Cream Shoppe Now

Mamacita says:  The owner of Bruester’s Ice Cream, formerly the greatest ice cream shoppe in the universe, discontinued Chocolate Pecan, which was the only reason I ever went there in the first place.  As far as I am concerned, then, … Continue reading

Thises, Thats, and T'Others.

Mamacita says:  Today was the first day of class, and I hope it was an omen because it was lovely.  The main campus class was small and attentive; the local campus class was large and attentive, and the day itself … Continue reading