The Presidents Speak. All of Them.

Mamacita says:  Each president our country has had, has contributed many quotations.  These quotations sort of set the scene for the kind of person that president is, the way that president intends to preside, and the policies, both personal and … Continue reading

The Presidents Speak

Mamacita says:  For Presidents’ Day, I thought I’d feature a quotation from each of our presidents.  No matter what our personal opinion of a president might be, he is the leader of our nation and the position, if not the … Continue reading

Inauguration Trivia from Mamacita

Mamacita says:  Presidential inaugurations are of great historical importance, but, as with everything of importance, there is an abundance of “trivia” (that isn’t really trivial at all – more like “fascinating!”) that many people do not know.  For example: 1. After … Continue reading