Quotation Saturday, on Sunday: Mothers

Mamacita says:  This Sunday will be, appropriately enough, a day filled with mothers.  Mine, my sisters, my niece, grandmothers, aunts, daughters, cousins, me. . . . all mothers, and several of them more than one KIND of mother.  (no, not … Continue reading

The Maladroit

Mamacita says:  I’ve been reminded of this classic fairy tale several times this week. It started when I got out the Christmas things and found a few broken ornaments. The breaks were simple, so I got out the little tube … Continue reading

Twas the Night After Christmas. . . .

Mamacita says:  The problem with the night AFTER Christmas is the word “after” in regard to Christmas. The best part of the season is the anticipation.  The weeks and days building up to it, the lists and the baking and … Continue reading

Friday? Already?

Mamacita says:  The holidays flash past so quickly, don’t they. . . . My sisters are coming down in a few hours – good grief, it’s almost 3 a.m.! –  and we’re going to spend some time with our mother, … Continue reading

Ten Things Tuesday

A lot of people have been doing Ten Things Tuesday for years, and I want in on it!  Besides, it just seemed like fun. 1.  I am feeling lighthearted and genuinely happy right now.  It’s amazing what just a few … Continue reading