Thanksgiving, Part the Sixth

Mamacita says: When I first saw this picture, I was a small child and all I could think was, “Why were this mother and son seated at the same table with roughshod strangers?” Because this seems so odd to me. … Continue reading

Negative Improvement

Mamacita says:  We used to be big fans of Noble Roman’s Pizza.  We’d drive thirty miles to the nearest city, just to eat there.  We felt this way for many years. Then one day we drove up there to Noble … Continue reading

Drive-Through Etiquette: If You Have To Ask, It's Probably You

Oh, I know. I’ve ranted about this before. But after waiting behind some old man in the pharmacy drive-through for maybe six days? until I gave up, parked, and went inside, I decided to rant about it again. Honest to … Continue reading