12 Things That Really Annoy Me

These things really, really bother me.

Mamacita says:  I’m a pretty easy-going person, regardless of what you may have heard from people who know me well, but there are some things that really annoy me.  Some are major; some are minor.  Most of these are petty.  I admit it.  But they still annoy me.  And nobody should do them.

All of them are easily preventable.  All of them are things people do by choice, and when there is one choice, there will always be another.

Nobody is perfect.  I’m certainly not, and neither are you.  But these are such simple things, none of them rocket science, and all are things people choose to do, or not to do.  And when there are choices, there are consequences. At least, there should be.  When we choose well, we welcome the consequences.  Rewards are consequences.  When we choose poorly, we dread the consequences and rightly so.  We all get the consequences we earn, ie deserve.

Seriously.  These are things that annoy the breath of life out of me, almost literally. (See #6)

These are in no particular order.  They all annoy me.  A lot.

  1.  Litterbugs.  Trashy people who throw paper products, cans, etc, where such things are not supposed to find their final resting place are pigs.  Period.  Oink oink oink.  Pigs. Keep a bag in your car until you get home, and I don’t care how badly your baby blew out that diaper.  It’s yours and it’s your job to take care of it, not anyone else’s.
  2. People who don’t seem to understand that a grocery store aisle is like a highway.  You travel up one side and down the other.  You don’t travel down the middle.  You don’t go up the down aisle or down the up aisle.  It’s a little road.  Each aisle is a little road.  Drive accordingly.  And if you run into friends, don’t gather for a long chat and block things.
  3. Grocery carts belong in the corral after you’ve unloaded them.  If your small child is in the cart and you don’t want to leave him/her in the car – but why would you even think you had to do that? – keep the child in the cart while you’re unloading and parking and walk the child back to the car.  Problem solved.
  4. People who don’t know how to use their own language.  Grammar, spelling, punctuation. . . these are not difficult things.  We all took the same classes in elementary and junior high.  We all had the same books.  Some of us picked up on these things the first week.  Some people are in their sixties and still don’t get it.  WHYYYYYYYY?  We didn’t know who the semi-illiterate among us were until Facebook, of course, but now we do.  Oh, yesssss, we do.
  5. Those who choose not to use their turn signals.  So rude.  So crude.  So mean-spirited.  So lacking in basic good manners.
  6. Listen.  “Literally” doesn’t mean what some people seem to think it means.  If you tell me that you literally died laughing, I will look for you in the obits because that’s where you had better be.  “Literally” means “actually.”  If you are literally rolling on the floor laughing, you are physically down on the floor, actually rolling around on the floor whilst laughing.  Perhaps you mean that you were “figuratively” or “inferentially” rolling around on the floor laughing.  Picky much?  Hey.  Words are magic.  Use them properly or they will bury you.  Literally AND figuratively.
  7. Thieves.  People who steal from others are scum.  Whether a person is a shoplifter or a bank robber or an addict grabbing whatever he can for drugs or an embezzler or an adulterer or whatever, those who help themselves to someone else’s property are creeps and criminals.
  8. Speeders.  How dare you turn yourself into someone else’s executioner, you selfish thing.  There is no place you have to be that is worth someone else’s life.
  9.  Do you have a handicap plate or hangtag?  You do?  Then and only then may you park in a handicap spot.  You don’t?  Then park elsewhere.  And it doesn’t matter if you’re only going to run in for a minute, either.  No permissions?  Back out and park where you belong.
  10. Did you do your homework?  Then you’ll get the points.  Did you forget to do your homework?  No points for you this time.  This applies to your kids, too.  P.S.  Is your name on your paper?  No?  I keep a shredder in the room for those.  (Third offense)  (Tomorrow is too late.)
  11. Are you a marketer who pimps and/or creates daytime television commercials?  Medicare?  Medicaid?  Lawyers?  Drugs?  Weight-loss programs?  Novelty ways to sue someone?  “Can we do this tomorrow?”  Cell phones for people who can’t figure out how to use a cell phone?  Creams for those under-eye bags?  The same dreadful TV show being pimped over and over and over and over, sometimes two or three times in one ad slot?  Shame on you.
  12. People who are knowingly (or unknowingly) undereducated, and who fall for carefully keyworded political speeches and reality-show pimps who tell them precisely what they want to hear and continue to support such horrors because they either don’t know any better or know exactly what they’re doing and have chosen to be that kind of people.   I really don’t what which is worse:  stupid, or evil.  Most days I’m pretty sure they’re one and the same.

Again, most of these are petty things.  Golly, to be upset because people are people and do people things.  But these are not my people.  Heaven help you if these are yours.


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