I Am Mamacita

Mamacita says:  I have been Mamacita for many years online.  One’s online presence is of utmost importance, and the names we have chosen as representations of ourselves are equally important, as people associate the name with the person or business.

When newbies decide to go online, with a business or a blog or simply as a social media presence on Facebook or Twitter or Instagram, etc, it is very important that they choose their online names carefully.  If the name they choose to go by is their own name, that is fine; that is not what I am talking about here.  There are coincidences of actual names all the time.

It is when someone chooses a pseudonym for their online presence –  that requires careful consideration.

Those of us who have maintained an online presence for a long time are known by certain names, so if someone is new and wishes to use a certain name, it is vital that the newbie do some research to make sure they are not intruding into someone else’s established online presence.

I have recently discovered that several newbies have decided to make themselves known as “Mamacita,” which has been ME for twelve years.  I am getting their messages and am being associated with them, which I do not appreciate.  Since this is happening to me, I can only assume it is also happening to them, and I do not want clients and friends to mistake me for them or them for me in any way, shape, or form.

I Am Mamacita.   I.  Me.  Jane Goodwin.  I am Mamacita.  And you are not.

I Am Mamacita. I. Me. Jane Goodwin. I am Mamacita. And you are not.

We who have established specific and long-term internet names and presences are happy to welcome newbies to the blogosphere, but quite frankly, we do resent it when a new blogger or new entrepreneur decides to use a name that is already established online as belonging to a certain person or business.  This is unethical.  It is the equivalent of a person deciding to be “Macy’s” or “Kroger’s” because they like the sound of it or, and this is decidedly unethical, because they hope to get a piece of the action from an established name.  For that, they could be and probably would be sued, but when someone chooses to be known as a name already established by an online person who has been writing and doing business as that name for many years, what can we do?

Please, newbies.  Do some research before you go public with a chosen name.  Deciding that you want to use a certain name because you like it is not a good enough reason.  Find out if the name is free to be used.  Find out, before you decide YOU are going to be that person, if the name already belongs to a person.

Just deciding to blog under a name you like isn’t enough now.  Online names belong to people.  Choose one that isn’t already taken.  Deciding on a name because you like it, period, without finding out if it’s already established as belonging to someone else, labels you a beginner with no idea of how this internet/blogging stuff is actually done.

Please.  Don’t be that guy.

P.S.  The woman who is trying to establish herself as Mamacita – you with the cooking/homemaking/parenting/recipe blog – yeah, I’m talking to you – please change your persona.  I’m tired of getting your messages.

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