Wasps? Hide Me. Things I Still Haven’t Done Yet

Round Tuit, Ten things i haven't done yet, Jane Goodwin Mamacita says: Wasps?  Hide me.

Here are some more things I haven’t done yet. This doesn’t mean I never will – just that I haven’t done them yet.

1.  I haven’t learned not to be afraid of wasps.  I AM afraid of wasps. Desperately, humiliatingly afraid.  The buzzing turns me into a whimpering gelatinous mass.

wasp, killer wasp, buzzing wasp

2.  I haven’t matured enough to be tolerant or logical about reality shows.  To sit and be entertained by the likes of Honey Boo Boo, hoarders, and bridezillas is beyond my comprehension.


3.  I haven’t learned how to iron clothing properly.  I can’t say that I never iron, but in the past twenty years, I’ve heated up that device maybe four times.  Sometimes I’ll have a guest (I love having guests!) who ask to use my iron, so I do own one, but I’ll have to say that my guests use my iron more than I do.  On those few occasions when I get out the iron, I’m actually sort of afraid of it.  What if I leave it on and go to school?  There are irons that turn themselves off automatically, but I don’t use one frequently enough to justify the expense.  To sum up:  I don’t iron.


4.  I haven’t learned to appreciate expensive jewelry and designer shoes.  This one doesn’t bother me at all, really – I’m a steampunk jewelry and Skechers kind of gal.  However, when I’m visiting with my sisters, I really feel my lack of upscale taste.  I don’t care, but I do feel it.

5.  I haven’t learned to like country music as a genre.  Individually, I have heard a few songs that I liked, but they didn’t really sound “country.”  I dislike the boots, the hats, the shirts, the twangs, and the sexist assumptions.  I know that not all country music artists fit into this stereotype, nor do all of their fans.  But whenever I hear a twang pretending to be music, I cringe.

hillbillyI know there are tons of other things I haven’t done yet, but these are the few that come to my mind today.

You are allowed to disagree with me.



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