Happy Easter 2014

Mamacita says:

Happy Easter, everyone.

What? Oh, oops. . . . .

Here. This is more like it. I do love those vintage Easter postcards. I hated growing up and finding out that those baby kittens were probably going to eat those baby chicks. I would also hate to have to tell you all how old I was before I realized that the bunnies weren’t really responsible for all those eggs.  (In real life, those Disney owls would have devoured those baby birds, etc, too.  Only in a Disney film is an owl a wise mentor, not a voracious carnivore.)  But I digress.  Or did I. . . .

Ultimately, however, this is Easter to me.

And isn’t it wonderful that so many of us, with so many different beliefs, can hang out here in the Blogosphere and get along great and love each other without having to constantly proselytize and try to sway each other to our own beliefs?

Oh, sure, those people are online too, but I don’t pay much attention to them. Not here; not anywhere.  Well, maybe a little more this past week, but not usually.

It’s the people whose beliefs are quietly lived every day, the people who show me by example what their values are, who get my attention.

And who says God doesn’t have a sense of humor? If you don’t believe me, just look around for a minute or two. Think of your family.

And if you’re alone, look in the mirror.


Happy Easter, dear internet people. Eat chocolate. Get together with family. Smile. Have some eggs. Rejoice over something.

It’s a good day for rejoicing. . . .

(Originally posted on Easter, 2005, but nothing’s changed since then.)

Oh, about that Easter Island head? It and its clone guard the entrance to the local city park. We carve limestone here.

Are you going to eat that Reese’s Egg?

P.S.  “He is risen.”  Please notice the participle form of “to rise” used after the linking verb “is.” Participle forms of verbs, used without a helping verb, are adjectives.  If you want to say “He has risen,” you are using the third column past participle form of “to rise” and you are using it  with a helping verb.  Third column past participle verbs are never used without a helping verb.  By that same token, never use a helping verb with a first or second column present or past tense verb.  “He done rose” is not acceptable.  (Future tense is an exception.)  (He WILL rise.)

P.P.S.  The above Easter grammar rant was brought to you by me, because I am forever behind a lectern, in reality and in my head, and can’t resist making a connection even if it involves bringing holy or sacred icons into the classroom.  Or the Blogosphere.  Why?  Because I am not afraid nor do I hesitate to connect pretty much anything and everything and anyone and everyone to anything and everything and anyone and everyone else. In the universe.  That is what education is.

P.P.P.S.  Easter Island heads have bodies.



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