The Stink of Summertime

cantelopeMamacita says:  My kitchen smells like cantaloupe.  I can’t work in there till it goes away.  My husband loves melons and in the summer, he buys them as often as he can.  In his family, people fought wars over who got the last slice of melon.  In our house, he gets it all to himself.
  I don’t like anything about cantaloupe, but I always buy them in summer because Tim likes them so much and because I appreciate the nutritional value of them.  (We call them ‘mushmelons’ around these parts.)  I don’t like any kind of melon, actually.
I also hate tomatoes and onions, although I inconsistently do like some foods MADE with tomatoes or onions.  watermelon
Peas make me gag, even at my age. They’re pretty and healthful and I made sure my children had access to them, which worked because they both like peas, but I can’t eat them.  I’ve tried.
Can’t eat cottage cheese, either.  Every summer I try again, because it looks so cool and refreshing and attractive, but I can’t do it.
I don’t eat gravy. The very concept is disgusting.
I’m also not a big garlic fan although I LOVE creating various dishes containing garlic.  I like the odor of garlic, but not the taste.
Tim’s family also fought wars over who got the last piece of pie.  I don’t eat pie, either, but I do love to make them.  All kinds.  Pie-making relaxes me, and makes me feel, maybe, just a little bit. . . . artistic.
I’m not that fond of cake, either.  And whipped cream makes me kind of sick.
I guess my question is, “Why am I so fat?”



The Stink of Summertime — 5 Comments

  1. I also dislike all forms of melon & raw tomatoes & uncarmalized onions. I used to like watermelon, but lost my tolerance for the taste when I was 29.

    I am also exceptionally fond of garlic & can handle obscene quantities of it.

    If your taste is anything like mine, you are particularly fond of the taste of dark/white/swiss/belgian chocolate, sweet pickles, sharp cheddar, ginger, vinegar, & pure unblended kona, & love sweets but have a very low tolerance for how sweet something can be. Or that you’re fond of the smell of patchouli, sandalwood, ginger, sweet almond extract, garlic, coffee grounds, & wet concrete but can’t stand perfumes.

  2. Peas: I wonder. I have an allergy to green foods, ranging from no reaction to celery through projectile vomiting in reaction to peas, perhaps you have an even milder form?

  3. It’s “a,” and thanks for telling me about my error! Tomatoes always look so good to me, but I just can’t eat ’em. I do have several upside-down tomato plants hanging from tree limbs in my back yard, though; my husband loves them.

  4. I hate any kind of melon, especially cantaloupe.(is it with an a or an e after the t?) You have it both ways in here, but it looks better to me with the a, so that’s how I’ll spell it. I adore tomatoes and am growing a bunch of them. I’m not a huge pie fan and cakes have to be special(not just vanilla or chocolate). I’m crazy about apple crisp!

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