Independence Day: You’re Not Really Independent Unless You’re Educated.

Mamacita says:  There are many things that are wrong, in this country. Many, many things. Open a newspaper; listen to the news; all we hear about are the things that are wrong. We should be hearing about them, too; if we don’t hear about them, we can’t work to make them right. One of the many things this country does do right is allow its citizens to talk about what it does wrong.

Making wrong things right is what we do here. It’s what this country was founded for. We’d still be a British colony if it wasn’t important for us to work hard to make wrong things right.

Any time more than four people get together for anything, one of them is going to want to do wrong. It’s the responsibility of the other three to help that one person do right. But it goes deeper than that.

It’s the responsibility of the other three to help that one person WANT to do right. Doing anything without understanding, and against one’s will, isn’t progress of any kind; doing anything without understanding, and against one’s will, is a kind of slavery. Uneducated people sometimes have to be dealt with in this way, and that is a shame, and that is entirely their own fault, too. Everyone has access to education in this country. Some schools are better than others, but any of them will at least teach a child to read if that child lets it. And whether or not a child lets it is the responsiblity of the child’s family, and a family that does not allow the school to teach its child to read is a bad, bad family.

This country has always valued education as the means to promote the understanding that would help a person realize that. It used to work, too, until education was forced to do pretty much nothing except review for tests, test,  review some more, and do most of the raising of the students because the family unit that is supposed to teach and provide such things as basic alphabet, colors, numbers, manners, shoes, and dinner are opting instead to demand that the school do it.  We are fast becoming a welfare state, and that is a definite downgrade from being an education state.

And why is the family unit not providing what it is supposed to provide, these days? Most families still are, and some families are experiencing some temporary hard times, but many families simply prefer to mooch off the government rolls. They have chosen to give up their independence and become the permanent poor relations, supported by those citizens who do still work. This was supposed to be a temporary fix, and people are supposed to be just a little bit ashamed of being in this position. Welfare is supposed to be a somewhat embarrassing short-term episode in a person’s life, preceding a wage-earning job. We’ve removed the ’embarrassment’ thing in the name of self esteem, and that was a mistake.

But you really don’t want to get me started about the ‘self-esteem’ movement. Which, like most movements, is full of the same sort of fecal matter.

Every day, more and more people join the welfare rolls, and for many it’s not the temporary helping hand it was meant to be. For many, it’s a way of life. Some people believe that the welfare way of life is a right, and other people SHOULD be supporting them, sometimes forever. No. Temporary help, yes. Permanent? Absolutely not.

An uneducated, or undereducated population is a dangerous thing. It quickly becomes a parasite, not an asset, sucking the lifeblood out of resources that really ought to be aimed elsewhere.

Ronald Reagan, who was not perfect either but then neither are any of us, said “We should measure welfare’s success by how many people leave welfare, not by how many are added.” He was right.

This country was founded by hard workers. This country has as one of its foundations, education for the masses. It’s there, for free, for anybody who lives here to take full advantage of. To become an adult in this country and still not know how to read and write and support oneself is a disgrace, and that disgrace is not the country’s disgrace, it is a personal disgrace.

People made this country, people who wanted freedom and independence and education for everyone. We must never lose the desire for any of these, for if any one of them is lost, all is lost. At the same time, as free and independent and educated people, we must not forget to take care of those who honestly and truly can not care for themselves. It goes without saying, which means, of course, that it must be said.

Those who are able-bodied and able to work, should work, for to take charity when one is fully able to do without it, is a shameful thing indeed. No job is too menial if one is truly determined to do what is right. And what is right, is to support oneself. Any honest job is a good job if one has no job at all. Some of our immigrant ancestors were doctors and lawyers and teachers back in the old country; they came here and took jobs as janitors so their children could have the benefits this country offered. And since their children learned to speak the language, their job horizons were brighter than those of their parents. It is still so, today. Educated people have more options, and this is as it should be.

I do not begrudge in the least a helping hand for people who need a temporary helping hand.  I am honored to help people who need some help.

However.  People who take charity when they are perfectly capable of getting off their bums and getting a job, are to be despised for the societal leeches that they truly are. For every adult who uses welfare money to buy cigarettes, beer, or pretty much any kind of luxury item for that adult, there is a little child somewhere NOT getting milk because there wasn’t any more money. The degradation of these adults is earned of their own free will, and they deserve every bit of the disgust they receive.

This country has a lot of faults, yes. Those who like to list them, one by one, on a regular basis, and yet do nothing to help fix them, are one of the faults.

There are many people living here who claim to hate this country, and who work to bring it further down. There are people living here who rejoice in the streets when bad things happen to this country. I suggest that those people leave and leave now, and live elsewhere and see if any other country would put up with their whines and violence and gleeful reactions when others get hurt.

Those who insist on living here, yet reject the education, the opportunities for supporting themselves, are not true Americans. They are parasites.

Yes, this country has many faults. I defy anyone to name any other country who would put up with some of yours, or mine.

Freedom. Independence. Education for the masses. Rights. Responsibilities.

That is what we are. Take advantage of them, if you have the guts and the brains and the heart and the decency. Ignore them if you don’t. That’s the freedom part.

Understand that the hardworking educated population is getting very tired of supporting those who choose not to work, choose not to be educated, and choose to not behave themselves properly. We are also very tired of supporting anyone who does not understand that the right to swing his fist ends where the other person’s nose begins.

And those who claim their rights had better be prepared to stand up to their responsibilities as well. You can’t have one without the other, and keep either for long.

This country has learned many lessons; slavery is gone, discrimination is legally gone, although many people still have some lessons to learn (EDUCATION! DECENT FAMILIES!). Europeans came here to an already populated country and took over, without regard for people who had lived here for hundreds of years and already had well-established civilizations. Think how you would feel if aliens landed in spaceships and took over this country, completely disregarding your prior claim to your home and demanding that you leave immediately so they might build their culture on top of yours, and labeling and treating you as some kind of violent savage if you protested and tried to defend your property.

The point is, we made, and make, mistakes. Big ones. We must use our educations to help right those wrongs, and help the nation aim for other and better goals. Learning from the past is what educated people do;  dwelling on the past, not so much.

Aristotle said, “Educated men are as much superior to uneducated men, as the living are to the dead.”

Those who care only about themselves are not much good in any other circumstance. People who become accustomed to getting something for nothing become pretty much useless, too.

We must all get up, get to work, get cracking, get learning, get smarter every day. When we stop learning, they might as well bury us, as Lucy Maude Montgomery once said.

Nowhere in the world is there any other country as free as ours. Nowhere else can everybody be educated. Nowhere else can we all go where we want, when we want, wear what we want, say what we want. . . .

In some countries, even if you have the money you still can’t have some things or go some places; it’s all about social levels.

If I said we didn’t have social levels here, it would be a joke, because everybody knows that we do, even though we’re not supposed to. But here, our social levels are much about education and behavior, not who your daddy was, or wasn’t. Unless you’re a Kennedy, of course. (joke)

And after teaching at the college level for nine years, I would have a very hard time indeed believing someone who tried to tell me that they couldn’t go to college, nobody would take them. I might have believed that before, but not now, not now that I know about all the incredible opportunities available for EVERYONE.

In this country, we have equality of opportunity. Opportunity does knock, but you have to be smart enough to answer the door when it does, and to recognize it for what it is when you see it. That’s the education part.

Everybody gripes about the state of the nation. You do, I do, everybody does. There’s a lot to gripe about. But I honestly believe that there is even more to rejoice about, and be grateful about, and to appreciate.

I am proud to be an American. God bless America.


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