The ScanTron Police

scantronWe all have our differences with our bosses/principals/supervisors, what have you. However, after listening to some friends talk about the principal at their school, I am so thankful that she is not MY principal, for if she were, I think I would have to resort to drinking heavily on a regular basis.

Upon being stationed at her current school, Fraulein Principal wanted to take back control of the Scantron sheets (those multiple choice sheets with the bubbles). Departments were allowed to order what they felt they would need for the year and individual teachers kept their supply in their rooms. FP would have none of that. She asked for everyone to relinquish their stash of Scantrons. During the summer months, she had her minions search classrooms for contraband Scantrons. When the school year began, I took great pleasure in sending her one, single, stray Scantron through inner-school mail every once in a while. No note, no explanation. Just a blank Scantron in a big, manila envelope. Did she then wonder who sent it? Did she give it a second thought? I guess I’ll never know, but it does give me a giggle when I think about it.


The ScanTron Police — 8 Comments

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