Basic Elevator Etiquette for Dummies

Mamacita says:  Elevator etiquette ain’t rocket science, you know.  No kind of etiquette is rocket science.  Etiquette is simple.  Simple basic good manners.  That’s all.  And simple as that may be, it’s too much for an awful lot of people … Continue reading

Elevator Etiquette 101

Mamacita says:  These are, of course, Things Nice People Already Know. Basic Elevator Etiquette for Dummies: 1. Push the appropriate button. If the button is already glowing, do not push it. If you repeatedly push an already-glowing button, everybody will … Continue reading

Things Nice People Already Know

Mamacita says: 1.  When the elevator door opens, wait until the people inside exit before you enter.  Don’t stand directly in front of the elevator, either; stand to the side so people have room to exit. 2.  When you are … Continue reading