Mamacita says:  I have always loved fairy tales. I do not mean the insipid heavily-edited baby-tales, all with happy endings, the Disney-fied versions; I am speaking of the real thing: stories full of blood and guts and red-hot spikes and … Continue reading

The Dumbing Down of American Education

Mamacita says: Where did it begin, this ‘dumbing down’ of American education? Because, whether you want to admit it or not, our schools are set up to serve the lowest common denominator, and that is NOT a good thing. There are … Continue reading

Oh No She Dinnit!

Mamacita says:  Last night in class we were discussing the original (excellent) Sesame Street and the present (sissy) Sesame Street, and the old seasons won, hands-down. General consensus among twenty students, ages 18-56, was that Cookie Monster is SUPPOSED to … Continue reading