Hands Off That Already Created Media!

Mamacita says: Film/script writers: do not even think of messing with The Twilight Zone. You will fail miserably. I tried to watch the new Peele episodes and turned off the TV. Some things simply cannot be redone or updated or added to, and only a fool would try. Leave them alone.

On a related note: if you decide to sponsor a really good show that doesn’t edit or “cut up” without ruining it, you’d get a whale of a lot more business if you ran a 15-second ad at the beginning and another at the end, and let the show run uninterrupted. Seriously. When I’m watching a show and it’s constantly interrupted and it’s obvious that the show’s content is massively cut, I vow never as long as I live to buy anything that sponsor is selling. Ever.

On another related note: I feel the same way about all movies, TV, and books. Leave them alone. Do not update them. They are already done and are an entity unto themselves. If you think changes would be good, write them yourself and publish on a fanfiction page. Do not mess with another author’s work. The history and culture of other times are part of the charm of watching and reading. Back off, game changers. Write your own original stuff.

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