Smart People Wear Masks

Mamacita says: Almost every store in this town has a “masks required” sign on the front door, but nobody is enforcing it and “those” people are stalking through the door and up and down the aisles touching everything.

A worker told me they didn’t dare enforce the rule because they feared the violence from the great unmasked. How sad, when our brave people who dare to wait on us and cash us out and otherwise take care of us are forced to endure the unmasked, unvaccinated hordes for fear “those” people will hurt them. . . . Shame on us as a culture. Well, not all of us. Just “them.”


Smart People Wear Masks — 1 Comment

  1. I agree! What has happened to civility, caring and critical thinking?? Most of the places I go into here are full of masked people which is nice. In spite of my three shots, I’m still very cautious.

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