The Battle Between Good and Evil

Mamacita says: Life on earth has always been a battle between good and evil, no matter how much we like to believe there’s a grey area in between.

For the past four years, Americans have been subject to the rule of evil, and we’ve had to watch helplessly as people we loved and respected crawled out from under their rocks and supported adultery, harassment, lies, disrespect, selfishness, childishness, entitlement, mockery, smirking, soft porn, and disregard for others to a degree never before imagined by people who were even a little bit good. Nobody is perfect, but in January, we will no longer have a very, VERY hellishly flawed bloated baby-“man,” a porn actress, a mommy’s boy sycophant, and Mommy Herself, a woman too pathetic and paranoid to allow her husband to sit in a meeting with another woman, in the White House.

We will have not merely a breath, but a regular gust of fresh air, still flawed but not hellishly so: an educated, literate, kind actual gentleman, his educated, literate, kind First Lady who is actually a lady, their educated, literate VP, and the VP’s husband who is proud of his wife, trusts her judgment, and is unafraid of anyone, male or female, that the VP might need to meet with. all of whom understand how our government is supposed to work, and who won’t surround themselves with needy, feeble-minded family members, suck-ups. and people who will need to be professionally pardoned in order to stay out of prison.

For four years, I’ve had a hard time understanding how God could have allowed these people to be elected, and I’ve grieved that there were really this many clueless people in our nation who shared the values that have filled the White House while pretending to be Christian even though their idol was the very opposite of any kind of religious values.

Sam Levinson’s mother used to say, “You can’t sit at two weddings with one fanny.” And you can’t claim to be an honestly religious person and support the kind of values we’ve had to endure these past four years. One or the other. THOSE values or real values. And people we know and love have chosen, and there are broken hearts all over America.

In January, our country will, after four years of moral darkness, see a light. It will take a long time to “fix” the nation after four years of deliberate destruction, but I am confident, with God in control again, that it will be done. The real Americans will make sure it’s done.

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