Thanksgiving, Indeed

Thanksgiving anywhere, Scheiss Weekly, Mamacita, Jane Goodwin Mamacita says: Thanksgiving, indeed.  When I first saw this picture, I was a small child and all I could think was, “Why were this mother and son seated at the same table with roughshod strangers?” Because this seems so odd to me. I’ve only known one restaurant in my life that seated people with strangers during rush hour so it could serve more customers, and even though the food there was wonderful, I was so uncomfortable being required to sit with strangers, I seldom went there unless there were no other options for my schedule that day.

The food was awesome there.  I just didn’t like being seated with strangers.  I’m talking about you, Ladyman’s Cafe, but your food WAS awesome.  I wish you were still there, down from the Buskirk Chumley Theatre, so I could eat lunch there and cringe away from all the strangers at my table and relish your delicious food again.

But as for this painting. . .

Now, of course, I can see the lovely lesson represented here. And I can also see that the artist has clearly shown us that even though people have different customs, etc, it costs nothing to show a little respect when someone does or says something we personally don’t practice or believe in.

Also? If we are truly thankful, we can have Thanksgiving anywhere.

P.S.  Why were Rockwell’s mothers always so old-looking?  Cripes, my mother is in her eighties and she could be the daughter of the woman in the painting!


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  1. I always thought that was the grandmother and grandson in the painting.

    I too don’t understand the idea of having strangers sit together to eat their meal at some expensive restaurant, but I know it’s very popular in cities like San Francisco. I make the best of it when I am put in that position, as I’m quite the extrovert, but I would prefer a table by myself.

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