Politics and Me: The Opposite of a Love Story

Mamacita says:  I would really so much rather be known as a kind person, an educator, a nerdy science-y person, a person who loves people, and I believe that I am, as much as possible. I try, anyway. However, when it comes to politics, which I never used to concern myself about in the least – and that is not something I am proud of – I seem to be overcome by a need to try to get people to see the truth of what the beast in the White House genuinely is, to see what being undereducated and uninformed has done to us as a nation and as a now-ridiculed world power. One outweighs the other and as much as I try to stay out of it, I’m in. I still have many dear friends who are supporters of the current White House, but try as they will, they can’t seem to defend “it” without a comparison/contrast/mention of Clinton. They have no way of defending one except by putting down the other. If a president cannot be extolled or defended on his own prowess, what is he?

It’s more than important that people understand this. Please, my dears, think. Think without using the names of other people.

Think about this only in terms of that one person, the one with a tiny pudgy finger hovering over a red button. Leaving out all mention or consideration of anyone else, think. This is the educator and people-loving part of me beseeching you: think…


Politics and Me: The Opposite of a Love Story — 1 Comment

  1. Thank you for this. I no longer have friends who support him, as I cannot overlook their choosing to support someone who views women, including women like my wife and daughter, as meat. I cannot and will not trust them, and that’s essential to friendship.

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