The Round Tuit: Things I Haven’t Done, Even Yet

I'll get around to it.

I’ll get around to it.

Mamacita says: Here are some more things I still haven’t done yet, but I’ll get a round tuit:

1. I have never been to Ikea.

2.  I have never seen the movie “Titanic.”

3.  I still have never watched a reality show, with the exception of the “Amy’s Baking Company” segment of Kitchen Nightmares, which I watched online because who could resist that huge a trainwreck?.

4.  I have never been able to like many movies most other people adore, such as Mrs. Doubtfire, any of the Bridget Jones films, or A Christmas Story.

5.  I have yet to find a film re-make that holds a candle to the original.

6.  I’m not sure I will ever be able to accept the demise of the big traditional department store with any semblance of grace.  Gimbel’s.  Hudson’s.  FAO Schwartz.  Lazarus.  Wasson’s.  Filene’s.  The May Company.  Block’s.  Ayres. Marshall Field’s. And all the others.  The huge department store was a microcosmic city unto itself, complete with tea rooms.

Gimbel's Department Store

7.  I still haven’t developed the strength of mind to sit through a genuinely scary movie or book.  I just can’t do frightening, overly suspenseful, bloody, gory stuff.  Not on the big screen, not on TV, not in books. . . .

8.  I have never learned to like sushi.  It just looks too much like bait.

Sushi or bait?

Sushi or bait?

9.  I still haven’t used an ATM machine, except when I was following directions from a passenger in my car who needed to withdraw some money.  I understand having money in an account is necessary before one tries to withdraw any.  Always a catch.

10.  I have never had a dog of my own.  This never concerned me until I started seeing all those adorable dog pictures and videos on Facebook.  Fortunately, there are just as many adorable cat pictures and videos.


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  1. I’ve always enjoyed Mrs. Doubtfire, but don’t care for Titanic or Ikea. I’ve never tried sushi and have no intention to do so. I use ATMs rarely and have no desire for another dog. I don’t watch reality shows, but my daughter likes to watch some cooking show called Chops(?) and it has drawn me in on occasion.

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