Twas the Afternoon Before Christmas. . . .

Christmas, quotation, quote, Scheiss Weekly, Jane GoodwinMamacita says:  I love these days leading up to Christmas more than any other time of the year. I love the planning. I love the baking. I love the making lists and checking them twice. I love the shopping, which I actually do all year long. I love Amazon Prime, which gives me free 2-day shipping.  I love wrapping the boxes and decorating them with ribbons and glittery things.  I love the Christmas music blasting (at 11, of course) from Spotify and iTunes and plain old cd’s.  I love getting out and using the Christmas plates and bowls and glasses. I love making my house look like a Christmas card. I love welcoming people into my home and sharing everything I have with them. I love watching Christmas movies, which I’m doing all afternoon, in fact;  welcome to my Dickens’ A Christmas Carol marathon.  I know the book by heart, thanks to my father (Daddy, what’s a doornail and how can it be dead?) and I’m quite critical of any movie version that takes too many liberties.

It’s quite honestly the days before Christmas, full of anticipation and preparation, that I love even more than the Day itself.

But, the Day Itself is tomorrow and I plan to love the very stuffings out of it.

I hope you have the same plans.


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