Things I Still Haven’t Done. Yet.

a round tuit, scheiss weekly Mamacita says: I’m not the only procrastinator you know, but I’m probably the only one who still hasn’t used an ATM machine.

Ten things I still haven’t done:

1. Used an ATM machine. (Oh hush. I understand they require money.)

2. Peed in the shower.  No.

3.  Awakened in the early morning refreshed and ready to meet the day.  Never, as far back as my memory goes.  I do not “do” early morning gracefully or graciously, period.  I have enjoyed a beautiful sunrise on occasion; you know, right before going to bed.

4.  Enjoyed wearing a heavy coat even when it’s freezing cold outside.

5.  Fallen in love with a dog. (We never had dogs; we had cats, and it was risky falling in love with them because I grew up on a really busy corner in the middle of town.  Every cat we ever had – and we had a lot of cats – ended up pancake-style in the middle of the street.  I live in fear of finding my current cats that way.)  I haven’t ruled out having a dog; I love their faces.  It’s just not in my experience.

6.  Outgrown the Monkees.The Monkees, Scheiss Weekly

7.  Worn a lot of makeup.  I could use some, according to Mom, but I just never developed any interest in it.  Obviously.

8.  Cared much about fashion, period.  Again, obviously.

9.  Had a pedicure.  This is on my bucket list, though, as I understand they give you a leg massage.  I’m in your power if you give me a leg massage.

10.  Outgrown Spencer Gifts or the gift shop in pretty much any museum, gallery, or theatre.Broadway mugs, gift shop Everything is overpriced, but most of our coffee mugs bear the name of a Broadway show. You can’t buy those at Target.

*11.  Possibly, growing up.  Growing up is for suckers.

*Bonus.  Everybody loves a bonus.


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