Twas the Day After Christmas. . . .

DSCF1021Mamacita says: The problem with the day AFTER Christmas is the word “after” in regard to Christmas.

The best part of the season is the anticipation. The weeks and days building up to it, the lists and the baking and the songs and the packages appearing on the front porch as the UPS and FedEx drivers beep their horns and wave. . .the lights and the candles and the ornaments, each with its history. . . the smiles and the planning and the cards. . . all these and more, in preparation, climbing up and up to the summit which is the actual DAY, and then you’re there and after all the siblings and their families have gone back home, what then? The journey really is more important than the destination, isn’t it.

The actual Day, wonderful as it may be, is kind of sad, and the day after is a heartbreaker.


Twas the Day After Christmas. . . . — 2 Comments

  1. Is this a bad time to talk about the twelve days of Christmas as really ending on the fifth of January? Celebrate Epiphany and all that? (Disclaimer – I’m Jewish, but I work at a Catholic School, so I picked some of it up 🙂 )

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