I'm really up for some good willie waught. Who's with me?

Mamacita says:  Well, my dears, here we all are once again, celebrating another new year with our real life friends and our other real life friends.  Six years ago, I didn’t really consider my internet friends to be really and … Continue reading

Quotation Saturday: Christmas Day

Mamacita says:  Christmas is almost over, except that for people like me, Christmas is never really gone. Today has been lovely, truly lovely.  My family, all together again, with food and conversation and games and candles and trees bedecked with … Continue reading

The Twelve Rules of Christmas

Mamacita says: There are, of course Twelve Actual Rules of Christmas, according to the law, and in case you don’t know what they are and have intentions of storming the school or business that’s maliciously ignoring your rights as a … Continue reading

You must learn, young Padawan, but finals are now officially over

Fair warning:  there is “language” ahead. . . . Mamacita says: I gave finals to five classes last week. Most of my students last semester were awesome; I adore them. I already miss them.  They rocked.  All semester, they worked … Continue reading

Lighten Up, Oh Ye Of Little, No, or Different Faiths

Oh jeepers gee WHILIKERS, one of my posts has been syndicated on my wondrous BlogHer! ======== Mamacita says:  Okay, so, today’s what, the 15th?  It’s time for another politically incorrect rant!  Be warned, oh overly-sensitive types born without the ability … Continue reading