Quotation Saturday: The Arts

Mamacita says:  Ah, the Arts.  Without them, we’d all spend our money on Flintstone mudflaps, gas station black velvet Elvises, Billy Ray Cyrus, Duck Dynasty fashion, Melania Trump anything, Donald Trump baseball hats, and anything with Lindsey Lohan, and think … Continue reading

Bad Ending? No. Just, No.

Mamacita says:  My nerves can’t take a movie with a bad ending.  It’s to the point that I will usually check out the ending online before I go to the theater rather than chance another notch on my “bad ending” … Continue reading

Oscar Night

  Mamacita says:  I haven’t watched the Oscars for years. It’s not because I don’t groove on the host; that’s often the best part. It’s not because I didn’t enjoy any of the nominated movies, although I seldom go to … Continue reading

Things I Still Haven't Done Yet

Mamacita says: what’s the hurry, anyway? 1.  I have never used an ATM machine.  I have a feeling it would be the beginning of a bad personal habit. 2.  I still have never watched a single Survivor-type show.  Still not … Continue reading

The Twelve Rules of Christmas

Mamacita says: There are, of course Twelve Actual Rules of Christmas, according to the law, and in case you don’t know what they are and have intentions of storming the school or business that’s maliciously ignoring your rights as a … Continue reading

Halloween is Rocky Horror Time!

Mamacita says: “Great Scott!” Halloween has been and gone but it’s still THAT SEASON, which means many things, one of which is that I have a giant bowl half-filled with Tootsie Roll Pops and Hershey bars on my coffee table, … Continue reading