Halloween is Rocky Horror Time!

Mamacita says: “Great Scott!” Halloween has been and gone but it’s still THAT SEASON, which means many things, one of which is that I have a giant bowl half-filled with Tootsie Roll Pops and Hershey bars on my coffee table, … Continue reading

Army of Women: Dealing with Life's Lumps

Mamacita asks: What does an Army of Women look like? It looks like you. And why should you be interested? Because it could have been you. Maybe it was you. Women remove their bras for many reasons. You know them, … Continue reading

Going To The Theater? Don't Forget Your Manners!

Mamacita says:  I am so tired of shelling out money to watch a movie in a theater, only to have my (and everyone else’s, too) good time ruined by loud, wiggly, rude, mannerless, slurping  boors. Not just bratty kids, either. … Continue reading

Quotation Saturday: Rain

We’ve had nothing but torrential rain for over two weeks.  Our grass is so high it can’t be mown with a regular mower; we’ll have to use the tractor and the bush hog.  I’ve seen other people who’ve tried to … Continue reading

Intercourse, Asses, and Dwarves in Gay Apparel

Mamacita says:  I loathe euphemisms and most political correctness.  They cheapen the language. Euphemisms and PC are a kind of censorship, and censorship is the action of a weak, fearful,  and ignorant mind.  Smart people understand that many words have … Continue reading

Quality Television? Bring Back Variety Shows!

Mamacita says:  Do you know what I miss, especially at this time of the year? Variety shows. Those weekly shows hosted by Ed Sullivan, Andy Williams, The Smothers Brothers, Sonny and Cher, Glen Campbell, Dean Martin, Carol Burnett, Perry Como, … Continue reading