10 Things I Care Absolutely Nothing For

countdown Mamacita says: 10 things I care absolutely nothing for might seem like a negative topic, but it’s actually quite therapeutic. Almost like a purge.

1. The Kardashians. Honestly, if there was never another word or picture of a Kardashian or anything connected to them, it would make no difference whatsoever to me.  Then again, maybe it would be a tremendous relief.  I pay no attention.  They are talentless tarty gits with a good agent.

2.  Other people’s dinner.  Unless you’re having something really off-the-wall, or your guest left a water bottle on the Downton Abbey mantel, it’s just dinner.

3.  Anything Duck Dynasty. Those guys are disgusting.  I do not care overly much about people who are jerks.

4.  Anything even remotely connected to Honey Boo Boo, and especially not if it has anything to do with her mother or her repulsive sisters.  See above.

5.  Bridezillas.  Seriously?  Why would any self-respecting person be interested in marrying a grown person who behaves like this and drops that kind of money on a dress she’ll wear once?  Dump these idiots before it’s too late.

6.  Jennifer Aniston’s bikini body.  Let the woman alone.

7.  Actually, anybody’s bikini body.  Most bodies are not compatible with a bikini, so don’t try to tell me otherwise.  I’ve seen bodies that are NOT beautiful.  If yours is, congratulations – well done.  I still don’t care.

8.  Celebrity pregnancy.  None of my business.

9.  Anything school-related that doesn’t directly benefit the students.  If you want wall art or a company car or a restaurant meal or expensive carpet, buy it yourself.

10.  I can’t offhand think of a #10, but I don’t care.


10 Things I Care Absolutely Nothing For — 2 Comments

  1. Agree with everything except Honey Boo Boo. The last minute or so is always recorded when I set the DVR to record “Welcome to Myrtle Manor.” Maybe that show could be your #10!

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