Testicles. Testicles and Thighs. And Angels.

Mamacita says:  I am a ‘word’ person. A language person. In my classes, I jump on almost any excuse to highlight a particular word and force my students to take it back to its point of origin. I’ve done this … Continue reading

Aces, Cooties, Big Bertha, Devil Dogs, and the Eleventh Hour

Mean ol’ Miz Roberts, in seventh grade, made us all memorize this poem. I still know it by heart. Thank you, Miz Roberts. This poem refers to World War One soldiers, killed and buried overseas.  Their families had no body … Continue reading

Mind Your Own Business

Mamacita says:  I have never been able to understand why some people consider other people’s business to be their business, too.  I mean, shouldn’t they at least wait to be asked before chiming in with an opinion, piece of advice, … Continue reading