I Had A Shoggoth

Mamacita says:  Please watch through to the end. My daughter sent me this video today, and I’m still laughing out loud. I’m also exhausted, watching this wonderful ASL sign-language lady, Judi Miller. The song is hilarious, and Tom Smith is … Continue reading

Steve Spangler's Biggest Fan: Mamacita

Mamacita says: Everybody knows by now that I’m a huge Steve Spangler fanatic, and I won’t try to deny it. Steve Spangler has done more for science education than any standardized program ever has or ever could do. Perhaps part … Continue reading

Carnivals, Debates, Parodies, Spelling, Diet Coke, and Josh Groban

Mamacita says:  The new Carnival of Education is up, over at DetentionSlip.org.  Get over there NOW and get all educated about what’s going on at school these days. Was there another debate tonight?  Yeah, I’ll quote my idol Dr. Perry … Continue reading