Say Hello to My Little Friend

Mamacita says:  This is a caffeine molecule. We hang out far too much.  I had thought about writing a humorous essay about how I’ve been known to drive to WalMart at 3 a.m. for Diet Coke because we were out … Continue reading

Shhh, I Hear Freedom Ringing!

Mamacita says:  Happy Independence Day. And if you do not believe in that, then, Happy Fourth of July. Everyone has a fourth of July. It’s right there between the third and the fifth, so none of your lip now. . … Continue reading

Then and Now: What A Difference A Word Makes!

Mamacita says: I love grammar. I love the logic of it. I love how there is a name and purpose for each word in a sentence. I love how it takes a little intellect to put a good sentence together. … Continue reading

Quotation Saturday: Science

Better late than never. . . . Mamacita says:  Anyone of any age who “hates science” never had a good science teacher.  With a good science teacher, a child will explode with enthusiasm the minute he/she runs into the house, … Continue reading

Ten Things Tuesday

Mamacita says: 1.  My sourdough starter is over twenty years old.  The bread is delicious.  Whenever I use it – and it’s been a while; the starter is currently residing in the freezer – I think about pioneer families, with … Continue reading

Quotation Saturday

Mamacita says:  The latest Carnival of Education is up; please click over to Edwonkette’s blog and see what parents and teachers have to say about the state of education.  Remember, if you don’t keep up, you forfeit all whining rights.  … Continue reading