Thanksgiving: Part the Second

Mamacita says:  Cultivate an attitude of gratitude on Thanksgiving, and use it all the days of your life. Thanksgiving isn’t really just one day, you know. It’s just the one day wherein we are all reminded that EVERY day is … Continue reading

Thanksgiving, Part the First

Mamacita says: Sexist though it may sound, it usually takes a woman to fully comprehend what goes on in the kitchen before all that wonderful food appears on the table. I have several male friends who know, too. Painter Doris … Continue reading

The Education Buzz

Welcome to the November 24th edition of the Education Buzz! Every two weeks, the Buzz will bring you a list of education-themed links to help you keep current; after all, how can we form viable opinions about the state of … Continue reading

Let's Make Magic For Our Children

Mamacita says:  Don’t tell anybody, but I’m only pretending to be upset that all the stores are getting ready for Christmas.  Yes, it’s too early.  Yes, Thanksgiving really does deserve some undivided attention.  Etc. The fact is, I love Christmas, … Continue reading

Ten Things Tuesday

Mamacita says: 1. I do not like this holiday overlap so prevalent today, yet my tree is up and ready. Inconsistency, thy name is Jane. 2. I host Thanksgiving for my family, and I look forward to it with an … Continue reading

Things I Haven't Done Yet

Mamacita says: 1.  I haven’t taken the wreath off the front door.  I can’t.  It’s been pouring down rain for three solid days, and I can’t put the wreath away soaking wet, can I?  Besides, I like to see it … Continue reading