America Has No King

The Founding Fathers of America

Mamacita says: Our country’s founders were adamant that it NOT be ruled by a king, hence the limited terms, lack of regal protocol, and very necessary checks and balances. America has no king. America has no ruler at all; it has a system of elected temps who are supposed to represent their area’s population, and which are supposed to change every few years to prevent apathy and elitism. To proclaim himself a supreme ruler of any kind, with authority to do whatever he wants, is a violation of what America is. He has declared himself above the law, and an exception to the boundaries set in the Constitution. He is a travesty and a shameful joke with no punch line. He has no morals, no ethics, no sense of shame, no propriety, no learning, no humor, no schema, no literacy, and no knowledge of America and what it takes to be a proper president. He’s a nasty piece of work, inside and out. He’s just nasty. Shame on all who still support him.

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