Context and Life

Illustrates curse and blessing
“It’s a blessing and a curse.”

Mamacita says: I love context. I have a tendency to “take things apart” when it comes to poems, songs, and all kinds of writing. (Everything else, too, but mostly word things.) This is, as Monk would say, a blessing and a curse. Have you ever actually listened to the lyrics of some Christmas songs? Applied schema to them? Because two of my favorites, “We Three Kings,” and “Good King Wenceslaus,” tell us a story, and the story isn’t always bright and holiday-ish. “We Three Kings,” especially, is dark and even scary, full of foreboding and even prophecy. King Wenceslaus is indeed good, taking food and drink and wood to the peasant he caught stealing sticks and branches from his land, but his squire’s fear and cold and extreme unease are easily felt if you listen closely. Sometimes I wish I could just enjoy, but that’s not how my brain is built. I LISTEN, and I have to analyze, and it’s indeed a blessing and a curse.

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