Memorial Day 2020

Mamacita says:  I think many people forget what Memorial Day is actually about.  It’s not about awesome sales.  It’s not about reunions or picnics.  It’s not about the Indy 500.  It’s not about grilling in the back yard.  This year, there is no Indy 500.  There shouldn’t be any reunions, and picnics should be limited to whoever is living in the house with you.  It’s still Memorial Day, though, so how can we safely celebrate?

Firstly, we all need to stop and remember what Memorial Day signifies.

memorial day

Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends. John 15:13

That’s right. If Memorial Day means great sales and great food and great gatherings of great people, that’s not really Memorial Day. All of those things ARE great, but this year, they should not be happening, not if we really care about each other.

If we really care about each other, we are wearing a mask the VERY FEW times we ABSOLUTELY NEED to step out of the house – for essentials only. To choose not to wear a mask is to choose to kill someone else, and murder is hardly a way to care about each other.

If we really care about each other, we are maintaining the 6-foot rule when we absolutely need to step out of the house.

If we really care about each other, we do not challenge a cashier or storekeeper or guard or fellow shopper, etc, about a store’s rules. We obey those rules and go elsewhere if we are too offended to be nice.

Memorial Day is for remembering the sacrifices made by those who chose to put their lives on the line so you have the freedoms you so often take for granted.

Don’t let those sacrifices be for nothing. Wear the mask. Respect the new rules. Be kind.

Nobody’s personal “rights” are more important than somebody’s LIFE.

Be a grown-up. Don’t be childish and petulant and selfish and stupid.

And remember why we set aside this day.


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