Histories: RUN AWAY!

Mamacita says:  I tell my students that words have histories, just as people do, and, just like people, some words have more complicated and even interesting and often disturbing histories than others.

We all have a history.

Our histories shape us, but sometimes the shaping is painful and unwelcome. I want my students to understand that they do not have to allow other people to shape them in uncomfortable and unwelcome ways. I want my students to know that nobody has a right to any part of them without explicit permission. Nobody. And I want my students to know that being a “tattletale” is sometimes the best thing to be, even though society tells us otherwise. Oh, and by “students,” what I mean is you. And me. All of us.

Stand tall, hit back, tattle, and name names.Don’t let anybody convince you that you don’t have the right to do so, or that nobody will believe you or listen. Somebody out there will. Keep telling until you find that person. Don’t let anybody talk you out of reporting it. People will try to scare you into silence. Speak out. Those who put that person above you are not people you want or need in your life. Run away from them. “Run away! Run away!”

Run away.

Even if it’s someone in your family.  Even if it’s a teacher, or classmate, or best friend, or sibling.  No matter who it is who’s touching you, run away.

As far away as you can get.

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