. . . So I Blocked Her on Facebook

Take A Stand Mamacita says: I had to block someone on Facebook last night. I’ve only ever done that a few times, and it always makes me feel like I’ve failed somehow, even though I tried my best to be nice. Mom used to say that there are some people you can’t BE nice too, and I thought she just wasn’t trying hard enough, but she was right.

I still hate it, though.

Even though this person was a complete and total stranger – someone I’d never even heard of – her opinion of me, and her harsh words, and the awful website she said reminded her of me, made a mark. What if some of what she said was true?

My friends assure me that she was just a crazy person looking for a target, but even so. Being a chosen target isn’t pleasant.

It hurts.

But let me tell you something, stranger-named-Maria, you are wrong and I am right and I’m not backing down just became you happened upon my writing and decided to be offended. Being offended is easy. Defending takes brains, and all you did was attack. I’m sorry you were offended, but. . . . no, wait. I’m not in the least sorry you were offended. I have no control over your fragile sense of what’s offensive and what’s not, but to attack a stranger as you did was uncalled for in any circumstance. So you’re blocked. I understand from friends of friends of friends that you’re furious and are trying to comment via other means but I don’t care.

raspberry tongueTruth be told, I don’t care what you have to say because your words are not well thought out and they are not coherent and your spelling is atrocious and your logic is non-existent and you are a mean person.

So here, from me to you, is my last farewell.


temper_tantrumHave a nice life. You’re probably going to have an apoplectic stroke at age 28 because of that dreadful temper and lack of vocabulary to express yourself. So be it.


. . . So I Blocked Her on Facebook — 2 Comments

  1. Thank you for your blog. I found it awhile ago while searching for signs of intelligence on the internet. It is nice to know it is out there.


  2. I was shocked to read this because although you and I don’t always agree and we challenge each other, we’ve remained respectful and kind to one other. It saddens me when people like Maria cheapen the dialogues that we all should be having with people of opposite opinions.

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