It's Not My Fault. Pay Me.

Mamacita says:  I first saw this cartoon a few years ago when I was thin and I thought it was funny.

Of course, I didn’t know then that it wasn’t a cartoon at all, but an actual documented photo of evil recurring entities, plotting to destroy the self-esteem of a lady who looks a lot like me and who is really very nice unless you piss her off.

Years ago, I gave in to them then out of pain and frustration and nasty medications that invited these entities to take up residence without even feeding them, but this time? I’m going to win.

Example: There were doughnuts in the lounge today at the college, but I didn’t touch them. Of course, I am not all that fond of doughnuts but even so.

Thank goodness there wasn’t a big bowl of M&M’s in the lounge. I’d be defeated instantly.

Plain or peanut: I’m not particular in my obsession for them. Obsession, I’m telling you.

It’s not my fault. I should be getting government money, in fact.  It’s nothing that can be controlled by any normal means.  It’s a disability.

I have OCM&MD.*

I’d stop if I could. Don’t let them near me. It’s not my fault. Pay me.

*Obsessive/Compulsive M&M Disorder

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