I Had A Shoggoth

Mamacita says:  Please watch through to the end. My daughter sent me this video today, and I’m still laughing out loud. I’m also exhausted, watching this wonderful ASL sign-language lady, Judi Miller. The song is hilarious, and Tom Smith is brilliant, but it’s the interpreter who steals the show. Such grace – honestly, she turns this language into a dance.

This is a kids’ song, written for The Funny Music Project, and performed live at MarCon 2008. ASL signing by the amazing Judi Miller, who had no idea what was coming.

A good kids’ song, naturally, just like a good kids’ book, will appeal to ALL ages and absolutely WILL NOT “talk down” to the audience, and this song certainly appeals to everyone, unless you’re a humorless twit.

All language is ART, of course, but even though the song is funny and witty and cool and completely off the wall, the sign language for it lets us see the ART, and no doubt about it. Judi Miller dances with infinite grace throughout this song about vampires and hunchbacks and monsters and various genuinely funny very odd lyrics and nonsense words.  You’ll be worn out at the end, too.   Enjoy.

I wish I’d had this song at Camp Towaki. It would have fit right in.


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