Ten Things Tuesday

Mamacita says:  Tuesday already?  Impossible!  I wasn’t finished with Monday yet!

Calendars and clocks don’t lie, though, at least not as badly as bathroom scales do.  It’s Tuesday, and time for Ten Things Tuesday.

1.  My purse always weighs a TON, but when I take everything out, there’s really nothing in there that’s heavy, and even the entire pile doesn’t weigh very much.  I don’t get it.

2.  When my doctor eventually tells me to stay away from Steak & Shake, I greatly fear that I will disobey him.

3.  I just graded a hundred grammar quizzes, and I don’t think my eyes are working properly now.

4.  I hate ironing, so I never do it.  I found a miniature ironing board for $1.99 in the leftover college-kid bin at CVS, which will cover any actual emergencies for visitors, and I’m donating my big ironing board to the women’s shelter. . . um, if I can remember where it is.  It’s thirty years old and like new.

5.  I worry sometimes that the contents of my purse are not normal.  Doesn’t every woman carry around six flash drives, a camera, a cell phone, a video camera, a wallet, an Mp3 player, and enough keys to sink a ship?  Oh, and it’s not as though I carry my laptop, re-charger, and retractable mouse in there ALL the time.

6.  I might need to go back and modify #1 now.

7.  Eric Mabius is smokin’ hot.

8.  Yes, indeed he is.

9.  I bought a wireless mouse at Big Lots, for my rapidly-failing desktop computer, and it’s fantastic.  One less annoying wire!

10.  I’m over half done with my Christmas shopping.

I’m not really all that happy about #10, because making a list, checking it twice, finding what I want to get someone, GETTING it, looking at it while it’s collecting dust in the guest room from April to December, thinking about how I’m going to wrap it, and hoping the person will like it, are among my very favorite things to do in all the world.

We all have our favorite things, and we all wonder why ours aren’t everybody’s favorite things.  It’s a good thing we’re all different, isn’t it.  Otherwise, you’d all be on my stuff, and you know how I feel about THAT.


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