I Went to BlogHer and All I Got Was This Bag Full of Swag and Two More Boxes I Had To Mail Home

BlogHer rocks. In more ways than I could ever describe.

But I’ll try.

First of all, let me mention the swag. There’s a lot of it. Everywhere I turn, there is someone giving something away. Not nonsensical cheap junk either: I’m accumulating some really sweet stuff. Of course, I love flash drives, and a person can never have too many.

Chocolates? Ohhhh, there’s fine chocolate here, and it’s free. FREE. DVD’s. CD’s. Shirts. All kinds of novelty items. So much stuff, Fausta and Monty and I had to walk down to Walgreen’s and buy boxes to mail it home.

Oh cool, the Michelin Man just walked in. He looks a lot like me, naked.

Too much information?

So far I have had a wonderful time. The conference was well-planned and is being well-run, and the people here are just simply lovely.

The rooms are cold, but that’s probably just me.

I’m learning tons of useful and interesting information, meeting wonderful people, and having loads of fun. What more could anyone ask?

Swag. I love me some fine swag. Must be my pirate legacy. Arrrrrh. I’m mailing the swag home in a box. Can’t fit it in my suitcase.

P.S. To the gentleman who wondered if I was wearing underwear: the answer is, of course, “Maybe.”

I love this place.

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